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Mapping the Moraine

It has been a long-standing objective of STORM and the Moraine Watch program, to use geographical information systems to create user-friendly maps capable of accurately depicting the heterogeneity of the ORM and the types of development that exist on and through it.

Below you will find a series of thematic maps that collect and provide information and tools to help inform questions and concerns regrading land-use and resource management on the Oak Ridge Moraine.

Map Features

  1. Custom ORM “basemap”: provides specialized geographic details needed to determine local features at risk.

  2. Geo-locator: let your devices’ GPS identify your location.

  3. Address locator: discover a location by entering an address.

  4. Measurement tool: determine either lengths or areas by clicking on the interactive maps.

  5. Click anywhere to gather coordinates and provide pre-filled emails for Moraine Watchers to submit a actions of concern.

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